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Medical Marijuana For Professional Athletes and The Role Of Cannabis in Professional Sports


CBD For Football Players?

Should players in the National Football League and other professional and college sports be allowed to used CBD or other forms of cannabis? It is a questions with many considerations that could have significant implications for thousands of athletes around the world.

In particular there is an increased focus on the sport of football now because the entire sport is facing an existential crisis with the terrible symptoms of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) being linked to concussions from playing football.

If there were a CBD capsule or CBD cartridges that could protect the brain, reduce pain and inflammation, while reducing stress and anxiety, that would obviously be something the league would be in favor of, right? Uh, well, no. Not exactly. Not at all actually.

In another move that has become status quo for the NFL, players have been banned from using CBD even though there is no psychoactive effect, and there is no concern of performance enhancement.

This is despite the fact that CBD has been proven repeatedly to act as a significant neuroprotectant and inflammatory agent, and despite the common knowledge that the US Government via the US Department of Health & Human Services owns more than 5 US Patents on Cannabinoids as Neuroprotectants.

At the same time the league is happy to continue prescribing and dispensing pharmaceutical opioid-based pain killer medications for players that have proven to be highly addictive with dramatically negative side effects.

The opioid epidemic has been declared a national emergency and the game of football is doing nothing to help that situation. As a platform with an audience of millions, the league could make a huge impact on public perception by showing the benefits of cannabidiol and allowing players to benefit freely from the natural cure that most of them already use anyway.

Instead, only a few players are singled out and have their careers ruined to make a point in the opposite direction.

The approach in the National Basketball Association seems much more player friendly and the players have been known to benefit greatly from the natural medicinal effects of cannabis for decades without the strict penalties and testing applied against the players in the NFL.

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments… Should NFL and NBA players be allowed to use cannabis and/or CBD?

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