Cannabis Law Hypocrisy

Cannabis Laws: Just or Unjust?

According to the cannabis law, people are allowed to smoke medicinal marijuana if they carry a medical marijuana card. Now this is good and all, but not everyone will be issued a card and they may need one. On the other hand, people who regularly smoke cannabis and don’t have any physical or mental ailments that cannabis helps with, could be taken into custody if caught in the action of smoking marijuana.

It’s kind of ridiculous that one person can smoke cannabis but another cannot due to the cannabis laws. Cannabis actually has no negative results after smoking it, unless you count the terror some people reek on stockpiles of food within refrigerators a crime.

Even though there are dozens of states within the United States saying it is legally ok to smoke cannabis within their state lines, there were over 653,000 people arrested in the United States for cannabis related offenses in 2016. These estimates were figured out by the Marijuana Policy Project and are pretty accurate.

Many people are turning to other legal alternatives, such as a CBD Pen or CBD Oil TIncture derived from hemp plant.

The FBI does not release any sort of arrest numbers related to specific drugs, but they did openly say that there were roughly 1,570,000 arrests that were drug related last year in 2016. This is around a 6% increase in drug related arrests from 2015. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, the FBI said that around 41% of their arrests are related to Cannabis in some way, shape or form. Now they are pretty hazy in their wording, so there could have been a little bit of cannabis involved in the arrest or there could have been mountains of it, we’ll never truly know.

Cannabis Laws

If you were to talk to anyone who has been arrested for cannabis related offenses, you will hear all of them say similar stories along the lines of “I had it in my possession and I was arrested”. This just shows how strict the cannabis laws are and why they need to be changed in those states that are still sticking to their guns thinking that cannabis is then enemy.

If you think about it, you can put a bottle of vodka in a paper bag and walk down the street with it while you get drunk. If you did the same thing with Marijuana you would get pulled over and arrested immediately. Even though cannabis is safe for yourself and others around you, it is illegal to even have in your possession. We all know how many alcohol related deaths there are due to someone literally drinking themselves to death or drinking too much and getting behind the wheel of a car and killing someone. We also know that people who smoke too much cannabis don’t kill others, or themselves, because it’s not as impairing as alcohol which will literally put you to sleep, almost into a coma, if too much is consumed. For this simple reason, the cannabis laws across the entire United States need to be reformed and the regulation crosshairs should be aimed over at alcohol, not marijuana.


Cannabis laws are pretty strict when it comes to someone even carrying marijuana in a state that sees it as a criminal act. Getting arrested for having a plant in your pocket seems to pretty absurd if you really think about it. Sure, it’s seen as an impairing drug, but the people making these laws likely have never smoked even a little bit of cannabis and know that it’s not a negative thing at all. Change never happens quickly with this sort of thing, so hopefully your state has already made the change to using dispensaries for legal purchasing of cannabis. If your state hasn’t passed any sort of cannabis laws allowing you to legally purchase, hopefully they will see the benefits and lift the negative view of the plant we all know and love.