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Cannabis Law & Cannabidiol (CBD)

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When you think of Cannabis, you might still think that it is criminalized around the world. Well, that simply isn’t true anymore because there have been plenty of places that allow you to smoke it freely without being bothered by the authorities. In 1996, California was the first of the states within the US to pass a law allowing people to have cannabis in their possession and smoke it freely. This law was for medical marijuana and not every day consumption. After California pioneered the acceptance of medical cannabis, there were 28 additional states that enacted similar cannabis laws allowing people to use cannabis for medical reasons. Additionally, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico jumped on board and made their own laws allowing people to smoke cannabis for medical reasons.

In total, there are 29 states within the US, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico that are now allowing people to smoke medical cannabis if they are in need of it. Of course you would have to go into a physician or doctor and get a check up to figure out if you actually need medical cannabis in order to start smoking it. You aren’t allowed to just have marijuana on your person and smoke it because you have a cough, that’s still against the cannabis law. Once approved and given your medicinal marijuana card, you would be able to go to specific dispensaries and purchase cannabis. The cannabis law specifically says that you need to purchase from specific dispensaries and not someone on the street, a dealer, in order to still be within the law. The only way to still obtain medical cannabis without going to a dispensary is to grow it yourself, which needs a license to do so, but can be better for you since it will likely save money compared to purchasing at a dispensary.

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Pro Cannabis Pro Sports

Medical Marijuana For Professional Athletes and The Role Of Cannabis in Professional Sports


CBD For Football Players?

Should players in the National Football League and other professional and college sports be allowed to used CBD or other forms of cannabis? It is a questions with many considerations that could have significant implications for thousands of athletes around the world.

In particular there is an increased focus on the sport of football now because the entire sport is facing an existential crisis with the terrible symptoms of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) being linked to concussions from playing football.

If there were a CBD capsule or CBD cartridges that could protect the brain, reduce pain and inflammation, while reducing stress and anxiety, that would obviously be something the league would be in favor of, right? Uh, well, no. Not exactly. Not at all actually.

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Cannabis Law Hypocrisy

Cannabis Laws: Just or Unjust?

According to the cannabis law, people are allowed to smoke medicinal marijuana if they carry a medical marijuana card. Now this is good and all, but not everyone will be issued a card and they may need one. On the other hand, people who regularly smoke cannabis and don’t have any physical or mental ailments that cannabis helps with, could be taken into custody if caught in the action of smoking marijuana.

It’s kind of ridiculous that one person can smoke cannabis but another cannot due to the cannabis laws. Cannabis actually has no negative results after smoking it, unless you count the terror some people reek on stockpiles of food within refrigerators a crime.

Even though there are dozens of states within the United States saying it is legally ok to smoke cannabis within their state lines, there were over 653,000 people arrested in the United States for cannabis related offenses in 2016. These estimates were figured out by the Marijuana Policy Project and are pretty accurate.

Many people are turning to other legal alternatives, such as a CBD Pen or CBD Oil TIncture derived from hemp plant.

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